Content-Specific Social Media Posts

Content-driven social media posts are a way to engage an audience and lead them to your site, without actually having to sell them on anything. Providing interesting, engaging content helps get your viewers to the site (and the product) more quickly. We’ve provided the content and social media posts:

Now all you have to do is share. Just post the images, and the captions of the images here are what you write in the description on any social media platform.

(Except Twitter. For this platform, trim these captions down to the essentials, including the link to the post, obviously.)

Check back here routinely to see what’s been added for you to share.

Blog Post: Connect and share with SYQEL: The music visualizer.

There is nothing like vibing with your friends before passing out on the floor, couch, bed, etc.
But music travels like we can’t, so here are the best ways to share it with your friends:

Blog Post: The essential components of a chill session: a playlist for the ears, and a music visualizer for the eyes.

Chill however you want. We don’t judge. (We also don’t tell.) We only ask that you cultivate a playlist worthy of the chill session. Learn how to here:

Blog Post: Enhance solo vibe sessions with SYQEL: The music visualizer.

It seems impossible: But late-night solo chill sessions just got better.
Find out why: And don’t worry. We won’t tell your friends that sometimes you need a little “you time” (mostly because of them).

Blog Post: Flex on your friends with this music enhancing app.

You’re one of two kinds of people: Someone who wants to share a cool music-related thing, and someone who just wants to prove their superior DJ skills to get control of the aux cord.
Either way, here’s the thing for everyone to reach their goals: