General Promo Content

This kind of content is good to post on the weeks where there isn’t really anything “newsworthy” going on, per se. In the lull between new posts, deals, upgrades, and updates, you don’t want people to forget you. With this in mind, here are some general posts that you can put up any day of the year.

What’s on your chill playlist? What would it look like in color? Find out here:
Take a screenshot and list the song in the comments. Whoever posts the weirdest image and song gets control of the metaphorical aux cord next week.
There is no denying the appeal of anime characters.
But spice up your live streams with SYQEL: The free music visualizer app. (Of course, we’re still watching anime, that’ll never end.)
“Me vibing to my own playlist knowing it’s a masterpiece.” To anyone who has said otherwise: This is your chance to come correct.
I won’t say nothing if you won’t. But I will say that there’s something you’ll want to try:
Spotify, don’t do me dirty on my Discover Weekly playlist.

Why there is a gallery of images here: Each image is specific to the dimensions of the social media platform you’ll post to. Other images are less information-packed, so you don’t have to worry about sizing.