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Affiliate Program

Promote the hottest audio visualization software and earn up-to 30% from each sale!

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Program Highlights

SYQEL provides affiliates with a unique opportunity to earn real money, real fast!

30 Day Cookie

Send quality traffic that enjoys our Audio Visualizer and enjoy commission attribution when they upgrade to a premium plan up-to 30 days from the first time they clicked.

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Powerful Promotion Tools

Banners, Videos, Social Media Posts, Blog Posts, Review Articles and Full Page Ads - We got them all!

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Tiered Commission Structure

At SYQEL we provide our affiliates with an opportunity to earn more as they sell more. Checkout our Commission Rates Table to learn more about your earning potential.

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Customized Landing Pages

Have a good idea for top converting landing page?
Want to offer a unique offer to your audience?
Email us to discuss a customized landing page experience!

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PayPal Payouts

At SYQEL we payout our affiliates monthly on the 10th of each month on a Net30 Basis via PayPal mass pay. The minimum payout is $100.

For example - commissions earned between January 1st - January 31st will be paid out on March 10th.

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