Affiliate Marketing: What It Is

Affiliate marketing as a concept was developed as a way for businesses to promote products without spending vast amounts on advertising. In essence, it is a three-way relationship:

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  1. 1
    The Merchant

    A creator, whether a large business or a single individual, provides the product to be sold. They receive profit from every sale made.

  2. 2
    The Affiliate (otherwise known as The Publisher)

    An individual without a product to sell, but with the ability to market the merchant’s product. This party takes a percentage of the profits made from every sale they personally make.

  3. 3
    The Consumer

    The party on which merchants and affiliate marketers rely on. Merchants must provide them with a good product, and the marketer must reach and convert them into buyers.

Why get into affiliate marketing?
Two words: passive income.

Consider a "regular" job: Get up, go to work, make a flat rate no matter how hard you work, go home, and do it all again tomorrow. Now consider affiliate marketing: Set up an initial marketing campaign, engage buyers with your material, and get a cut of the profits with just about no effort from you.

Other benefits include:

Performance based payment

Working on your own time

Working from anywhere in the world

Low levels of investment

No customer service requirements

Learn More About our payment structure

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If there’s one thing you take from this course:

It’s that you can promote anything. But this is what you should sell:

Something you’ve used

If someone asks you how the product works, and you stumble through it, you will lose credibility. And look stupid.

Something from company you can stand behind

Your reputation will be damaged if you are associated with a shady company with no morals. You might not ever come back from that.

Something with a good affiliate program

Why put in so much effort to sell something that you’ll make zero money from?

Something you love

It’s obvious when people are selling something they don’t love. There’s a lack of effort, and a lack of feeling.

Something within your niche

Every affiliate marketer (and every person in general) has a niche, something they know about and can make connections with. Those connections are how you’ll promote your product.

A solid, evergreen product

What’s the point in putting effort into selling something that’ll be irrelevant in six months?

It's good, then, that SYQEL is easy to use — and to love.

SYQEL checks off all the requirements above, for a big chunk of the population:

SYQEL is a beautiful, sensory experience that's easy to use, show and sell.

As long as music doesn't die out, SYQEL will always be relevant.

SYQEL is a transparent, simple company that you can be proud of.

Make anywhere from 10-30% commission on every sale you make.

How it Works

A super quick rundown of how exactly affiliate marketing with SYQEL works:

Get your affiliate link.

Everyone who has a SYQEL account is automatically qualified to be an affiliate. Within the SYQEL web app, there will be an affiliate page that has your unique link, a chart for reporting, and a PayPal signup form.

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Use your affiliate link when promoting.

Whether you're promoting on social media, your own website, a blogger's page, or anywhere else, use your special affiliate link. The link is attached to you, and that's how the SYQEL website knows that you have referred that site visitor.

Prospective buyers must sign up for a paid subscription within thirty days of clicking on your link, or you will not earn a commission from their purchase. Your link is saved as a cookie on your lead's browser, so SYQEL will know that your lead was sent by you, even if they close the page before buying.

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Earn commission when your new lead becomes a happy customer.

Commissions are usually a percentage of a sale, and this is how we do it at SYQEL. Your commission percentage is dependent on how many new people you have converted from potential buyer to subscriber.

For a breakdown of our commission rates, click here.

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Building a passive income stream sound good?

Great — go through this course, and set up your SYQEL affiliate hustle.

learn how to sell, and sell well.